Smooth-On Universal Mold Release 14 fl. oz.

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Mold-Release Product

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  • This product is specially formulated for mold making and casting and is compatible with most liquid rubber and liquid plastic products.
  • When properly prepared, it will release mold rubbers (such as polyurethanes and polysulfides).
  • Models such as wood, plaster, concrete, stone, or certain modeling clays containing water or sulfur may need to be sealed first before Smooth-On SuperSeal or other sealers can be applied for mold release.
  • When properly used, it will help to extend the production life of your mold rubbers
  • If you are making a silicone mold, do not use it.


1 review for Smooth-On Universal Mold Release 14 fl. oz.

  1. Christie

    It does help me get more uses from my resin molds!

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