Liquid Glass Epoxy Resin 3 Gallon Kit

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Deep Pour Epoxy Resin Kit Liquid Glass Casting Resin 2-4 inch 3 GL, Food Grade Safe, No Odor, Zero VOC’s, Self Levelling Epoxy Kit, Wood Filler, River Tables, 2 Part Epoxy Resin 2:1


  • HIGHEST EPOXY RESIN UV PROTECTION! SuperClear Liquid Glass 2” Thick Pour Has The Highest UV Yellowing Resistance Out Of All Competitors and is HALS Stabilized!
  • HIGHEST PERFORMANCE LEVEL! SuperClear 2.0 Is Considered The Best Epoxy Resin For Wood, Table Diy, Countertops, Tabletops & ALL Epoxy Table Ideas!
  • EXCELLENT FOR Colored Epoxy Resin Wood Filler Applications, Or As A Clear Epoxy Resin Wood Filler & Filling Large Voids In Wood With Epoxy POURING UP TO 2” PLUS!
  • WORKS AMAZINGLY With Metallic Epoxy Pigment! Mixes Flawlessly With Epoxy Resin Color Pigments, Mica Powders Like Eye Candy Pigments & Creates A Superb Colored Epoxy For Wood!

1 review for Liquid Glass Epoxy Resin 3 Gallon Kit

  1. James

    This epoxy kit is clear and creates beautiful woodworking tables and my favorite is river tables!

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