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100 Disposable Measuring Cups for Mixing Epoxy Resin


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100 Disposable Measuring Cups for Mixing Epoxy Resin – Measurements in mL and Oz – Pack of 100 Clear 10 Oz Cups – Bonus Pack with 25 Applicator Sticks, 25 Mixing Sticks, and 2 Pairs of Nitrile Gloves


  • BANG FOR YOUR BUCK – Each Pack Includes 100 10oz PET Mixing Cups (7.5oz measurements), 25 8″ Extra Sturdy Mixing Sticks, 25 Jumbo Applicator Sticks, and Two Pairs of Size Large Nitrile Gloves! Whether You’re A Professional Painter, Resin Hobbyist, or Craft Expert, The EpoxyStix Graduated Mixing Cups Are All You Need To Get Started!
  • MEASUREMENT VERSATILITY – Our Cups Feature Both Ounce and Millimeter Measurement Markings and Are Very Accurate. Made From PET Ultra Clear Plastic, These Cups Will Hold Up to Strenuous Mixing and Are Crush and Crack Resistant
  • DISPOSE OR REUSE – Wash, Rinse, and Repeat or Simply Throw Away! These Plastic Cups are 100% Recyclable And Are Sturdy Enough to Be Reusable While Inexpensive Enough To Be Disposable
  • EPOXYSTIX HIGH-QUALITY MIXING STICKS – The 25 Mixing Sticks Are Made From 100% Birchwood and Measure 8″ Long x 1/4″ Thick, Allowing Them to Hold Up Against the Some of the Toughest Mixing Materials. The 25 Applicator Sticks Are 6″ Long x 1/16″ Thick And Allow For Precise Paint/Resin Application
  • STAY SAFE – Protect Your Hands! Nitrile Gloves Offer a Higher Puncture and Chemical Resistance Than Any Other Glove Material, Including Latex and Vinyl.
  • GREAT FOR COOKING AND BAKING – Our PET Cups and Birchwood Sticks are Not Only Useful For Epoxy, Resin, and Painting, But Are Great For Use In the Kitchen Measuring Meal Prep Ingredients


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